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Custom Performance Training - 1 Month

By choosing this membership you are agreeing to commit to 1 month of Custom Performance Training, one payment of $350. There are NO refunds or cancellations.
If planning to continue additional months beyond your one month, you must notify staff 1 week prior to your membership end date!
Athletic Evolution is excited to now offer Custom Performance Training. This program will provide each athlete with an Evaluation, Personalized Program, and Personalized Instruction during Custom Performance Training Hours for only a fraction of the cost of Personal Training. Athletes will now have the ability to do a program designed specifically for them, their needs, and their goals. The cost of the program is $225/month with a $125 Evaluation Fee prior to the start of their first month of training. Every month after will be $225/month without an evaluation (Evaluations are recommended every 3-4 months, but are not required except for the first month.
After registering for the program, athletes will come in for a full Evaluation at Athletic Evolution with their certified and well-trained staff. The Evaluation will include the following:
Functional Movement Screen (FMS) – These tests will evaluate how the athlete moves. Any imbalances or movement deficiencies that can lead to injuries or decreased athletic performance will show up in these tests and will be addressed in each athlete’s personalized program.
Performance Test – The athletes will be tested in all the major lifts as well as a variety of other performance tests including Vertical Jump, 20 yard Dash, Agility Test, and Conditioning Test. The results of these tests will allow AE’s staff to set the athlete’s movements, weights, and conditioning accurately in their personalized program.
Survey- The athletes will be asked to complete a survey that will tell AE’s staff about their athletic history, injury history, training background, and their future performance and training goals. This will allow the coaches to design the best program possible for each athlete’s personalized program.
Using the results from each Athlete’s Evaluation, Athletic Evolution’s well-trained and certified staff will put together a personalized program designed specifically for each athlete. Athletes will be allowed to do their program at any time during Custom Performance Training Hours listed below. During the athletes’s first session they will be taken through the entire program by one of AE’s expert coaches. After their first session athletes will check in with a coach prior to the start of each session so they can go over the program. The athlete will then go through the day’s program under the supervision of AE’s well-trained and certified staff. During Custom Performance Training hours there will be 4-8 coaches on the floor based on the number of athletes present. The coaches will show the athletes how to do each exercise and will coach each athlete through their own personalized program. Athlete’s can take their program home with them and may do their program both inside and outside of Athletic Evolution at their own convenience. We strongly recommend that the athletes get cleared by a coach on all movements before moving outside of the facility. Each month the athletes will receive a new program as long as their membership continues. After 3 months we recommend each athlete perform a new evaluation so we can update their program based on their progress. Athletes are not required to get an evaluation every 3 months.
Custom Performance Training Hours:
Monday-Thursday 3pm-8pm
Friday 3pm-6pm
Saturday 9am-12pm
M-Th 6am-2pm, 3pm-8pm
Friday 7am-1pm
*All athletes must register with Scott at for all evalutaions

Membership Terms
Contract Length: 1 month(s)
Attendance: Unlimited classes
Begin Date: Jun 1, 2020
End Date: Jul 1, 2020
Payment Terms
Price: $125.00 signup fee, plus $225.00 monthly

Due Now

Signup Fee  $125.00
First Installment  $225.00
Total Due Now  $350.00

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